Soap, Bacteria, and Triclosan

сондажиThis is a roundup of some interesting developments in the world of natural hygiene.

In a first for a US state, Minnesota has voted to ban triclosan in cosmetics including toothpaste.  Researchers of from the University of Minnesota discovered the Triclosan waste was converting to toxic dioxins in Minnesota lakes.  The ban means no hygiene products containing triclosan can be sold in Minnesota.


Now, while the reasons for the ban are environmental as opposed to health related, there is a good tie in with a recent article about a new product by AOBiome.  The article follows Julia Scott as she eliminates soap and shampoo and instead sprays herself with Bacteria rich AO+ spray.  The spray is full of a particular bacteria that consumes ammonia.  The result of this is that it competes with other bacteria, including dangerous MRSA.

So what’s the tie in?  Well, it seems, as AOBiome states, that we have swung too far in the balance of sterilization.  The new thinking is that Bacteria is not something to be wiped out, but to be studied.  Blanket sterilization leads to ill health on a personal level, but also results in damage to our ecosystem.

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