the benefits of noShampoo

MoTown girl extols the benefits of the noShampoo routine. She calls it the ‘no-poo’ routine. I couldn’t agree more. Not so sure about the ‘conditioner wash’. Sounds like more of the same…

The Daily Mail dramatizes the situation, but 3 of the 5 loved noShampoo. “I found it liberating” says one. “I saved £35” says another.

Before and After

Natural Family Online also asks ‘why should you go no’Poo’. “It’s a supply and demand relationship, much like nursing a baby.” She advocates the use of Baking Powder and Vinegar. Hmmm.

Natural Living warns of the initial two week ‘icky hair’ problem.

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3 thoughts on “the benefits of noShampoo”

  1. There is a great article here from Australian skin specialist Dr. Hugh Molloy that discusses the benefits of a Shampoo Free lifestyle. It’s a transcript from an ABC Radio The Health Report program. I took up the challenge in 1997 after hearing this and have never looked back.
    Currently here in Sydney, radio commentator Richard Glover has been encouraging his listeners to use “No Shampoo”. Glover discusses his “No Shampoo” challenge here. Glover is largely building off the foundation laid by veteran anti-poo campaigner UK MP Matt Parris. Parris has written about No Shampoo here and here.

  2. Hey tgillin,

    Thanks for the very first comment on this new site! I remember starting on the noShampoo life many years back. A mexican girlfriend of mine convinced me that I should start washing every day again. Only now, two years later have I returned to the fold. I have never been bold enough to go completely without shampoo (I am one of the six days a week votes) but I will now try!

  3. Modern shampoos are so overkill. They strip our hair of all their natural oils, and then conditioners are supposed to mimic those missing nutrients, but never quite work as well as mother nature.

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