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  1. No, I am not registered, except with the karmic government.

    I will personally give you back the equivalent tax deduction if you contribute. Or you may do so yourself, by simply deducting x percent from your contribution (where x is the tax rate).

  2. Hi there! I´m after some advice! I stopped washing my hair with shampoo 12 weeks ago now and am still waiting for it to cease being a greasy clump on the top of my head. I´ve just been reading your emulsifier recipes and wondered if you´d managed to find anything that doesn´t smell of egg yet. I haven´t actually tried using any products on my hair except for a bit of tea tree oil which I left on for a couple of hours (hair under a towel) before rinsing it off. This worked a tiny bit in reducing the grease for a couple of days! My main problem is that I´m travelling at the moment and staying in backpacker hostels so I usually wash my hair when I´m having a shower because there´s not always a big enough sink available to rinse hair in which means that doing certain treatments isn´t an option. However, now I´m getting desperate and nearly ready to chuck the towel in and go back to using shampoo so I´m almost prepared to use the sink in the hostel kitchen if necessary! I just need a recipe to use but don´t much fancy doing the egg/ yoghurt scenario in public so wondered if there´s a better alternative? I´ve started dreaming about my hair (not nice dreams!) and having hair envy and, whilst being with total strangers is useful because they won´t pass comment, I do feel a little bit embarrassed about my greasy appearance! Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi Sam,
    Check out this post


    Basically, try baking soda and lemon. It works a treat and will leave enough oil on your hair so you don’t start the cycle again. If you use shampoo, you will regret it as your natural oil will be completely stripped. You want something that takes off the excess but leaves a little behind.

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