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Tricks of theTrade

It has been over a year now since I have used shampoo in my hair, and I don’t intend to look back any time soon.  From the comfort of my home, to the travelling lifestyle of an European summer and UK hostels, I’ve been a few times down the testing path and figured a few things out.  Each aha moment makes me that much happier with my decision.


1. Knotty Business– A few of you have commented on this issue indicating that you find your hair very knotty since switching off shampoo. Personally, this has only been an issue for me a few times, and it has worked for me to brush my hair out in the shower and resume my normal no shampoo routine. If others have found a better solution, please share.

2. Home Free – As many of you suggested had been working for you, I took the plunge and did no shampoo, vinegar, soda etc. at all.  This was especially successful and convenient while traveling.  Try it and see if it could work for you too.  Again, this is all about finding the best solution for your no shampoo desires.

3. To Conditioner – I had also read that some people used just conditioner once or twice a week in place of a full shampooing regime. I started conditioning once every other week, and am pleased with the outcome.  Going no shampoo, or vinegar and soda, worked great, but after a few weeks, my hair seemed to build up oils on the scalp. Conditioning on the scalp and ends bi weekly fixed this perfectly!

4. Scents of Smell – This is where I need your help. While my hair doesn’t smell bad, no shampoo also means it doesn’t have that lovely, just washed hair smell.  Has anyone experimented with scented essential oils in their no shampoo regime, and if so, what are your results and suggestions?


This whole thing continues to be a learning experience.  I am happy to share with you all what I discover as I go along, but mor than that, would love to hear what you have learned and discovered as well.  Sharing is caring!



noShampoo traveling

Me on noShampoo
Should I do it? Is it worth it? Is it possible!?

If your answer to the previous questions was “yes”, then I’ll invite you to read my experience with noShampoo on my travels. If the answer was “no”, then I’ll invite you to read some reasons that might make you change it in to a “yes”.

First things first, I have traveled for 10 months already through Europe (so far) and I haven’t used shampoo on my trip, with a few exceptions that made me stick to noShampoo.

If you already started using noShampoo then while traveling you shouldn’t change that. Personally I made the mistake of using shampoo a few times. At the moment the excuses that I found made sense: I’ve surfed so my hair has salt in it, the water alone won’t be enough and, my personal favorite, I am lazy to go and buy baking soda(!). Yep, laziness made me go back to shampoo, only because it was lying in the bathroom.

It’s worth it for a lot of reasons. You won’t have to worry if you’ll have enough shampoo for the whole trip, or if you’ll find the right one when you ran out of yours. You can just wash your hair as you shower, so the only thing that you’ll need is water. Your backpack/suitcase will have a bit more room for something useful!

Sometimes I did used baking soda, but that was for when I was sweating or when my hair smelled as smoke, after a night of partying.

I got a lot of compliments about my hair in my travels, so that’s another reason why you should carry on. People think I use some special shampoos or who knows what. They don’t expect to hear that I am using either water or water and baking soda.

A thing that I did notice was the fact that if I am using a hair dryer my hair looks shinier and fluffier compared to when I leave it to dry. I don’t know why that happens, but for me it’s another trick to use when I want it to look in a particular way.

So as a conclusion, yes, you should do it because is possible and totally worth it. Another reason is it worth it is the fact that you’ll save money which is a very important aspect  of traveling.

All the best,


PS. Read more about my travels at www.worldwidehitchhiker.com