No Shampoo Bandwagon

Another supporter, another reason to try it:

Perhaps the best part of all is telling people you haven’t used shampoo in your hair for almost a year.  You can practically see the thoughts streaming on overdrive through their mind: “Are you insane?  That’s disgusting! Get away from me.”  As a girl with extremely thick, wavy hair, who regularly required an ungodly amount of shampoo to get through the mane (as my friends call it), the looks you get are that much better.  The truth though, is that ever since getting rid of the shampoo, so is my hair.  Hitting nearly a year of shampoo free, I could never go back.  It’s just too great.

The decision to try it came innocently enough.  Last summer, I started following blogs quite religiously, especially those on health and wellness and clean living.  One continuous entry that popped up fairly often was the idea of going without shampoo: it was cheaper, better for the environment, and as everyone seemed to claim, better for your hair.  I had always struggled with shampoo and my hair.   I had never found one that could eliminate the frizziness that inevitably resulted, and I also always felt that shampoo left my hair flat and dry looking.  With nothing to lose, I dove in and adopted the baking soda and vinegar technique.  At first, I wasn’t necessarily committed, planning to give it a try a couple times, and then jump back on the shampoo bandwagon.  I did this, and then jumped right back off again.  You don’t realize the difference it makes or how amazing it is until you compare shampoo and non-shampoo hair, and then hear yourself saying, “how did I not do this sooner?”

Almost a year later and my hair is much easier to style, maintains its natural wave far more effectively, doesn’t seem as dried out and let’s just say that baking soda and vinegar is way cheaper than shampoo and conditioner.  As a student, this is a welcome bonus!  Now as I pack up to go traveling next month, I’m working on how to transport cider and soda, not shampoo and conditioner.  At the very least I don’t have to worry about people stealing my shampoo in the hostel showers!

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14 thoughts on “No Shampoo Bandwagon”

  1. Hi Laura,

    That is great! I wanna try it also! Can you shortly explain how it’s done?

  2. Hello Laura!

    I am so glad you shared your experience. It’s very good to have a girl’s story also. A lot of girls told me that is nice that I’m not using shampoo anymore and also encouraged me to go on with it, but they were afraid to try it because they say that it will be harder for them. I don’t think it’s that much of a difference but it’s their decision and I must respect it.

    All the best,

  3. Thanks for the great feedback and support! It is different for girls, simply because we have way more hair! But stay tuned for a post on how do it if you are interested!

  4. Hey Laura!

    Please do! My girlfriend said that she will try noShampoo and your article would be very useful. She has curly hair and that’s why she said that she thinks it will be hard for her.
    Take care!

    All the best,

  5. Hi I just stumbled onto your blog. Thinking of going no poo, but already use baking soda and ACV to cleanse and tone my face. About to start a 6 month backpacking trip and i am really worried about how i am going to travel with my concoctions. I am really curious to hear about your experience and how you will organize for a trip and if it works! Please let me know. I am really nervous about trying to get through customs with a baggy of white powder.. haha!!!

  6. So glad you are considering trying it (although soda does work well on the skin too – I do that regularly)!! As far as traveling, I have purchased reusable containers/bottle from my local outdoor store and plan to fill one of those with the vinegar. I do plan to just put the soda in a plastic bag and then always put both of them in my checked luggage. I leave in two weeks so I will let you know how I make out!

  7. Hi,

    I’ve been shampoo and conditioner free now for about 6 months and just did a quick google to see what others had to say. I have long thick dark naturally wavy hair down to the middle of my back and always get lots of compliments on it. Over the last couple of years I noticed that I was starting to get dandruff which was really shocking for me. Now that I’m shampoo free I don’t have any dandruff at all. Also, I actually don’t use any other alternative including vinegar or baking soda. Maybe this might be one step too far for some who feel like they need to be doing Something, but I have found that my hair just doesn’t really need anything except for water once a week. If there is occasion to actually give it a more vigorous clean (if I’ve been around the city a lot, or smokers for instance) then I use my normal soap (Dr Bronner’s Magic all in one soap- with Rose oil). When I see in other people’s bathrooms the line up of soaps/shampoos/conditioners/bodywashes etc I feel pleased that I just have a small bottle of very eco friendly soap that does everything I need including the occasional hair wash. Saves so much time, money and the environment too.

    Looking forward to the day that I can say I’m one year free!

  8. I’m just starting to go shampoo free. So I’m sorry for the stupid questions. I have long hair and haven’t been washing my hair daily. Just every other day. My head is not oily and my hair doesn’t tangle easily. Would it be okay if I don’t use baking soda solution at all? Or just every once in awhile that I should use the solution

  9. Glad to hear you are enjoying it and it is working for you as well. I have been periodically experimenting with doing no shampoo and no vinegar and soda. It seems to work, but I think I like the soda and vinegar option better. Thanks for your feedback!

  10. Hi Lux
    Glad to hear you having been trying the noshampoo option. The beauty of it is you can try whatever you want! I would suggest you go without the shampoo or baking soda solution for a while and then try the soda solution and compare the two and see if there is one you like better. I am doing similarly: I have been doing soda solution, but am now trying more to go without anything at all and just wet it every couple of days. Feel free to research other alternatives online as well and find one that works the best for you and ask as many questions as you like!
    All the best with your experimenting – it’s kind of fun really:)

  11. Hi Laura,
    First I have to admit that I am of mature years with naturally frosted hair. I spent many years and lots of money trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that would not dry my gray hair further and leave it frizzy. After reading about others who had gone the no shampoo route, I thought, why not give it a try? I will never go back to using product again! Actually, I even forgo the baking soda and use only a vinegar rinse and even then not every wash. The natural oil has returned to my hair and absolutely no frizzies.
    I have thick, medium coarse hair cut in a short classic bob that I comb into place wet and let air dry. Further curling or blowdrying for me is unrequired. I couldn’t be happier.
    I have to wonder, since you are just using baking soda and vinegar, why bother packing it along on your trip? Being cooking staples, they can be purchased most anywhere you travel and might be free for the asking in the hostel kitchen. Happy travels!

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