Going through rough times

икона за подаръкХудожник

Ok… So, now you’ve dealt with all your fears. That’s good. You’ve convinced yourself that it’s ok to try this “weird” method. You’ve found your motivation. You saw that there are other people that have done it and they are happy about it. You’ve read enough information to make you try it. Now you’ve found the courage to try it.

Very good!

You did it for the first time… You discovered that it is not gross and you don’t stink J You continue doing it and you see that it works fine. You stumble a bit (the build up and stuff), but you find support here. You read that you’re not the only one and you receive advice and carry on.

Now you’re more than one month into it, maybe more. You’ve passed the hard part already and you are happy with the results. You are really confident and you start to enjoy your new and healthy hair. You find yourself that you are really into this stuff and you are enthusiastic about it.

Sadly that’s not all…

Yeah, you’re not finished… Now you find yourself in the position when you start telling about this method to your friends and family. And… all Hell breaks loose. You thought it would be fine, but you forgot that you were reluctant at the beginning too. Your friends and family, and those you’ve told about this, start laughing at you. They start to mock you and they look at you like you are the biggest weirdo on the planet! J Maybe you didn’t see it coming, or maybe you thought you could handle it. Don’t worry, you will! They start to give you a bunch of reasons why it’s better and healthier to use shampoo… Maybe you start to debate those ideas, but I advise you not to. Let them say what they think, listen to them, but carry on doing what you feel like. They will think that this method is unhealthy, gross and bad for you. But you know a secret. You know that they are wrong because you’ve tried it for a long time, and you convinced yourself.

Steadily they will chill and they will probably forget about it. Be relaxed and you may find out that some of them tried it, or that maybe some of them embraced the idea and are using it. If not, you will find out that some friends like you for who you are, and that they don’t judge you by what you wash your hair with :))

Try not to let your friends change your mind about a thing you’ve tried and you know is ok for you.

And don’t forget the fact that you DON’T have to share this method, even if you like it and use it. You know best the people you hang with and if you think that they will give you a hard time, maybe it’s better to keep it to yourself. It’s no one’s business what you do in your own privacy.

All the best,


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3 thoughts on “Going through rough times”

  1. Hey Bogdan,

    This reminds me of what I wrote in another post about people’s perceptions. I wrote that the greatest hurdle in going no shampoo is changing the perception of what’s normal. The first person that has to change is yourself. As you so correctly point out, you cannot force anyone to do anything, nor should you, but slowly, their concept of normal will change, especially as more and more people go noshampoo!

  2. I’ve been using baking soda and white vinegar instead of shampoo for 2 years now. When I started, I was pleasantly surprised at how long I could go without washing with this method…my hair didn’t accumulate that greasy buildup like it used to with shampoo. I can go for 3-4 days now without even worrying about a wash, whereas before I could barely get through 24 hours without looking like I could supply a frying pan! Near the beginning I did try to go without baking soda too, but that was a little too much for me.
    I do have one question for you. My hair does seem like it could use a little more shine. Is there much of a difference between vinegar and lemon juice? And is there a difference in using the apple cider vinegar and the white vinegar? (I only used the white vinegar because I saw that someone else on another site had said they used it)

  3. I wasn’t comfortable with telling anyone until I hit the year mark, and that’s when I made the fb status. To my surprise a lot of my friends didn’t use shampoo, and others came to me with questions. By then I did enough research to have the facts to stand behind my beliefs to the fullest.
    My hair has been healthier, and it grows like crazy!

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