noShampoo 5 years on: NoShampoo Editors Wanted

Well, isn’t it funny, just when you get the hang of things and start taking them for granted, everyone else is just starting the journey.  To those of you who have just started, this is a look back on five years without shampoo.

The good news: I don’t even think about it anymore.  My hair is now a creature of habit and independence.  If it wants a rinse, it asks me from time to time (one every couple of weeks in the winter, more in the summer).  Otherwise, it pretty much leaves me alone.  That’s why this blog has transcended its original purpose: to tell you of the journey.  My journey is finished, but many of you are just beginning, so, lets have some volunteer editors who’d like to join the NoShampoo editorial team.  I can offer you a free t-shirt and a whole lot of fun, and who knows, as the concept grows, so will the rewards.

Now, let’s have a look back at what I’ve learned:

1. It was an adventure.

Yes there were ups and downs, times when my hair cried out in confusion.  But thanks to all you noShampooers, I always had the strength to carry on.

2. It was fun.

Those of you haven’t, take a look at the flickr noshampoo album.  It must have been fun

3. It was enlightening.

Any form of journey is by nature a learning experience.  From this plateau, I can see the clear blue sea off to the south, the mountains to the north, the green dragon, and the white tiger.  And most heartening of all, I see the great mass of you coming to join me.

4. Did I mention it was fun?

So, good luck to all of you out there and don’t forget, if you want to be the next sifu, write it in this here comment thread.   And remember, however your hair feels, you will be welcome with open arms.


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11 thoughts on “noShampoo 5 years on: NoShampoo Editors Wanted”

  1. Hey,

    I’ve been doing the no-shampoo thing since the end of last November. My hair was quite greasy for a bit but eventually became fine and healthy looking. However, I still can’t seem to reduce or get rid of my dandruff. Would a hot oil treatment be in order or does that go against the movement’s recommendations? Your feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

  2. Hi Eric,

    An excellent question. One of my daughters complains of dandruff and I know it’s an uncomfortable feeling. There are a couple of things you should know.

    First off, no one really knows what causes dandruff. The dandruff shampoos you see advertised would like you to think they know, and in some cases their products might work, but as far as I can tell, these products do nothing. One thing I have noticed is that dandruff gets worse with stress, so you might try stress reduction techniques like self-hypnosis or meditation. The effects, beyond simply dealing with dandruff, can be surprising and very welcome.

    Next, a remedy: olive oil. Olive oil works miracles with a baby condition called ‘cradle cap’ which resembles dandruff. It also has a beneficial effects for jock itch (mixed with chalk). These are both fungal conditions and the culprit is an overpopulation of a certain fungus which olive oil seems to control. As such, I would recommend trying olive oil.

    Simply pour the oil into a container and spread it generously on the scalp with your fingers. A couple of tablespoons should suffice, but it depends on much hair you have. Once your scalp is thoroughly covered with oil, you will need to leave it in for at least 24 hours, and I would recommend even 48 or more. At the end of that period, you ought to apply shampoo to remove the oil. You can use any mild shampoo. If you don’t want to use shampoo at all, the olive oil will disappear but it will take a couple of weeks.

    Give it a try and report back to me

  3. Hey!

    So what should we have to make it to the editorial team? I like writing on blogs and stuff and I would love to help others discover this amazing, and yet simple, technique 🙂
    Please let me know what should I have to do to be a part of the team.

    All the best,

  4. After 4 weeks of no shampoo, I have slowly started to notice the difference. My hair is super thick and originated back to its curly ways (after years of perming it was pretty much dead.) I use baking soda and an apple cider vinegar rinse, and to moisturise the hair I use coconut and amla oil. I wish someone had told me about this technique years ago, I had to cut off my hair a few months back after years of neglect. But now I am excited about this new journey my hair is on, and I am glad to find other people on this same journey too! No Poo for life (or maybe just 6 months, I’ll try my hardest.)

  5. That’s great! The major road block to going noshampoo is really overcoming what is seen as ‘normal’ At the moment, what’s normal is hair stripped of its natural oil looking like you’re attached to a static machine. But really, what’s normal is hair with natural oil that’s thick and luxurious. Once you’re off poo for 6 months, you’ll find that going back isn’t an option. Good work!

  6. So I was wondering if going to the noshampoo technique would also require giving up hair products sub as moose and hairspray. I have extremely curly bushy hair and I find the only way to control it is lots of conditioner and product. What would you advise?

  7. Hi Sabrina,

    Hairspray washes out with water, I believe, and any such products should be alright. Having said that…going no shampoo is really about being natural, which means accepting your hair for what it is. Perhaps you would consider a change of style?

  8. I have gone without shampoo now for almost a year. I have loved it! I have very thick, wavy hair and it has truly done wonders! Are you still looking for editors by the way? Thanks:)

  9. Great! And yes, if you’d like to be an editor and write about your experiences, you’re welcome to! Also, check out the Facebook page and make sure to like it!

  10. Hey! So I’m a week into my new no poo life and am at the horrible oily stage. I’ve gathered from my reading on the web that my hair should start to improve by week 3. I’m going to try and shampoo with baking soda and cider vinegar once a week but I’m just wondering how often people rinse their hair with water? Daily or just once a week with the ‘wash’??

  11. Hey Sarah, It really depends on your hair and your lifestyle. Rinsing your hair with water does serve to clean your hair. I rinse more in the summer when the weather is warmer and less in the winter. Much of the ‘clean’ that comes from the rinse actually comes from toweling your hair dry. And remember that your hair will eventually balance itself out but that it will take a while. Eventually, I would rule out baking soda and vinegar as well, but you may choose to keep it.

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