Top 5 reasons to go noshampoo

5. Finally get rid of those pesky unwanted friends.  

Do you ever feel like some of your relationships are only skin deep? Even significant others can sometimes give off that hollow thud when you tap them.  Well, go noshampoo and in 6 weeks, you’ll have put up a barrier that will separate the dodgy partner from the one that will stick around when times get tough. They’ll never know that in 6 months  you’ll be back to normal.

4. You can skip a whole aisle in the supermarket.

Supermarkets are getting more and more daunting. With an entire aisle devoted to shampoo (not to mention the entire aisle devoted to deodorant, shaving products, and conditioners) you’ll be happy in the knowledge that five or ten minutes less of your life will be devoted to something which is completely useless.  Spend that extra time with your family, if they can take it.



3. No need for Gel/Hairstyling

That’s right. The build up of oil in your head will lead to a life of funky hairstyles.  Here are my flickr photos devoted entirely to my noshampoo styles. And what’s even cooler is that brushing your hair actually makes it even funkier.

2. You have a new topic of converstion

Don’t you find that social gatherings are pretty stale affairs these days? You can’t even Bush Bash anymore. And then the conversations about kids/family/work dries up pretty fast.  This leaves you with little else to talk about, unless you are doing something really cool with your life…like using noshampoo! That’s right…you will be the funkiest most adventurous guy/girl at any social gathering.  And, no need to worry about starting meaningless relationships (see point 5).

1. Be a revolutionary!

Che Guevara, where are you?  These days, so little is worth getting excited about.  What is there to fight for anymore? If you have a poster of Che on your wall, then here’s the way you too can not only do something good for the world, but also actually look a little bit more like Che than you did before. Viva la revolucion!

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons to go noshampoo”

  1. What up dude? I started surfing all your web sites, you crack me up. Pretty Cool stuff, especially the no shampoo, when do I get my t-shirt. Speak Soon, Patrick

  2. LOL, i forgot i signed up for this site until i got the email today about the definitive guide to noShampoo….flippin hilarious!
    i have not used shampoo in nearly 2 years, and i’m very happy…took a bit to figure out what works…baking soda and vinegar do work, but a bit harsh cuz i lived in a desert…so, it’s basically just an ACV rinse when i feel the need…once every few months
    i’ve stopped telling people that i don’t use shampoo anymore cuz most ppl i know are like “eeeewwwwwww” and i don’t like to be the center of attention, but my hair is great, never going back!

  3. I am trying this and am about 2 weeks in…My hair feels pretty stiff and there is debris in there, but I’m continuing on…I hope that it gets better! I work from home except 1 night a week, so it is pretty easy for me to look funny. I have tried washing with baking soda, and the 1st time it worked well but the 2nd time seemed not to make a bit of difference! We shall see!

  4. I have not used shampoo for about…I’d say four months now. I haven’t even used the baking soda because I didn’t need to! I never even went through a greasy period. What I did was I brushed by hair. I have medium length hair, right past my shoulders. all i needed to do was brush it!

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