NoShampoo Mom

My mom has joined the revolution.  She has dropped the shampoo and uses the occasional vinegar rinse.  Her hair looks thicker and healthier and isn’t flat at the back anymore.  She’s happy and so am I.

Join the revolution!

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3 thoughts on “NoShampoo Mom”

  1. I have natural curls and I have tried everything to take care of them. My hair turned frizzy and dry from all of the shampoo’s. I tried the no-poo and I love it! I now have soft beautiful curls, shiney hair and build-up free scalp! I’m so glad I tried it!

  2. HEY!
    HOW do you do,when your hair is VERY grey and you(ME that is)is only 40years?? I still want to have my blond hair..

    HELP!! Advice me!! The HAIR is my only achilles heal..

    I have given up EVERYTHING else and are a raweater and and and….

    Thanks for reply????!

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