Welcome to noShampoo!

Are you tired of fine, dry, and cracked hair? Are you sick of spending money on treatment after treatment, only to find your hair is worse than before? Look no Further! Try noShampoo and put an end to your hair problems…forever.

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One thought on “Welcome to noShampoo!”

  1. Hi!

    Just wanted to pass on a little trick that is helping me through the “no-shampoo” phase of my scalp evening out.

    I have always had a greasy, itchy, flaky scalp no matter what I tried, and had to wash it every other day, if not each day. Using from top of the range (£ wise) to herbal to homemade shampoo…nothing made a difference. So, am now trying the “none” line.

    Problem is I work for a law firm in London…so, the “feral” look was not going to cut it at work.

    A couple of years ago I picked up a book called “Beauty and the East” by Wendy Buonaventura, which talked about using muslin cloth pressed over a hairbrush to clean hair (used in places where water is a rare commodity). It works brilliantly and is rather satisfying in the amount of grey gunk coming out of my hair at this stage.

    I also travel on the tube to and from work, of which the air is filthy…and there’s no swims at the beach right now for me! All of which is going to make this a long journey. (I heard 22wks, but have read about people getting results in 6wks.) I think it really depends whether you have dry hair or greasy in the first place.

    If you’ve got a number of hair brushes use an old one, as I’ve lost a few bristles pressing the cloth on. Muslin cloth is easy to pick up anywhere that sells jam making supplies. I got my in John Lewis on Oxford St.

    Please feel free to pass this tip on as I tried to put it up on the Long Hair Community site, but they can’t use free e-mail addresses because of secruity.

    Nice to know I’m not the only one in this town doing this 🙂

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